Characters and Locations

Forbidden Zone

When the tentative cease fire of The Rending was declared and the lands divided, all parties involved agreed to declare the area where the annihilation of the golden dragons (Sashi and his den) occurred and where the final battle twenty years later King Varden took place as off limits to everyone.

Rum River - a savage battle that occurred within the Forbidden Zone where King Bredon and his entire squaddron were slaughtered.

Hell’s Highway
a corridor between the NAH and the Others where the Impures have been forced to reside

Impures—humans deemed by the NAH to be genetically impure and therefore unsuitable to reside with humanity.
An Impure run coalition of semi-trained and untrained Impures living within Hell’s Highway determined to protect their kind from the succubae preying on them as food and the NAH trapping them with no provisions and no accessible trading port. They tentatively entered into a treaty with the paraspecies running Redemption, who provide them with provisions, weapons and training in exchange for intel on succubae and NAH movements.
Eron – Mira’s older brother
Mira – The heroine in Hell’s Playground. She formed a relationship with the wolf leader of Redemption, Adrik, two years ago before she was captured and held as a captive in Sector Six. Now freed, she’s set on a personal mission to save those she left behind and somehow salvage a life from the carnage.
Blade – A mythical phantom within Hell’s Highway and Hell’s Playground. A procurer capable of getting anything for anyone if the cost is right, few have ever met Blade.

Hell’s Playground

lawless land south of Hell's Highway where the dregs of all factions reside in a kill-or-die existence

NAH (North American Humanitarians) – The human governmental organization who decided to purge genetically impure humans from mankind. With the help of King Varden, they attacked paraspecies locations and rounded up everyone except for the pure golden dragons, who they slaughtered onsite.

Doctor Covali – Geneticist overseeing the five Sector facilities where the NAH experiments on Impures. While he oversees those facilities, he works in a secure, unknown facility within Hell’s Playground. The covert facility is known as Sector Six.


area south of the Paraspecies lands where all Paraspecies who chose not to fight The Rending relocated to

Outsiders - Paraspecies who chose not to fight in the decades-long war, The Rending, when King Sashi was killed.

In the aftermath of Sashi’s death several paraspecies decided to remove themselves from the pending war, opting not to align themselves with Bredon or anyone. Known as rogues within the paraspecies, they were allotted lands in the southernmost portion of The Others territory. They remained silent and unseen during the two decades of The Rending. Now that a tentative truce has been declared, they have begun stirring trouble along the southern border of Quadrant A.

Felicity - former member of Quadrant C pack whose father broke from the Paraspecies at the start of The Rending. Raised in the Outlands. Risked her life to warn Adrik about the threat to Redemption in Redemption's Forgiveness, Book 2 in The Rending. 

  Others (Paraspecies)
all species of non-humans: gryphons, succubae, mage, dragon, big cats and wolf shifters
Below is only a partial list as currently seen through the third book of the series. More characters will appear as the story progresses.

A few notable facts about The Others:

The Other territory is divided into seven quadrants labeled as A – G. Each quadrant has one Alpha Wolf and one Alpha Dragon in charge with six sentinels under each to assist in leadership. The only exception to this number is Quadrant A (Adrik’s area). Because of their border war issues and security needs, Quadrant A has 2 wolf packs and 2 dragon dens with a total of 12 sentinels for each species.
The paraspecies and their known abilities are:
  • Wolves – possess immeasurable strength and skill in battle
  • Jaguars – possess immeasurable strength and foresight abilities. They were rare within the paraspecies before the war and as such chose to remove themselves from the bulk of the altercations with the blessing of Bredon before his death. They reside in the uppermost northeastern quadrant and are fiercely reclusive.
  • Mage – the magic wielders. The bloodline determines the possible talents and few willingly share what they can do. They’re seen as the gypsies or the tricksters within the paraspecies and are trusted by no one since their only alliance is to themselves.
  • Gryphons – possess mage abilities and limited telepathic abilities
  • White Dragons – possess healing abilities
  • Red Dragons – skilled warriors capable of breathing fire and telepathy
  • Golden Dragons – possess the abilities of all the paraspecies, except for the abilities of the succubae to suck life and raw energy from any lifeform.
Quadrant A

Redemption is the sole trading outpost available to the Impure residents of Hell’s Highway. The brainchild of Adrik and his pack, it’s maintained and operated at a detrimental loss by the paraspecies in an effort to help the true victims of The Rending however they can by providing needed provisions and medical assistance.

The Flyers

Daryn – half red, half golden dragon leader of the Quadrant.
Doc – ancient blood lined white dragon. The strongest healer in existence upon Braden’s death.
Lynette – White dragon nurse within Medical. No one crosses her.

The Wolves

Adrik – Alpha of the Quadrant. Hero of Hell’s Playground.
Ren – second in command
Giles – sentinel
Marek – sentinel
Peyton – sentinel
Hal – beta warrior

Quadrant C

Command Central (aka Salvation)
Command Central is kept a closely guarded secret from outsiders. Only paraspecies are allowed to know its location, but it’s nestled within the northeastern section of quadrant C, nearest the perimeter of the Forbidden Zone. It was renamed Salvation in Book 2, Redemption's Forgiveness.

Paraspecies Council – The presiding body of appointed paraspecies, two from each faction, who serve as the congressional check to balance out the King’s power. Before Bredon’s death they were rarely heard from since they trusted his judgment implicitly. His death and the mystery behind it stirred the political waters and they are now in full working order.

The Flyers

Kadal The oldest, ancient blood lined gryphon in existence. He’s served as protector for three kings now and is more legend than man for many.
Kane – Second gryphon protector to the king. After Bredon’s death it became clear more than one protector was needed.

King Sashi – Original golden dragon leader of the Paraspecies when the Rending occurred. His death and those of his mate and children served as the moral compass for the paraspecies during the grueling decades long war.
King Bredon – Sashi’s successor and the sole surviving pure ancient blood lined golden dragon. He was the destined mate of Sashi’s daughter, who was slaughtered by King Varden during her two year imprisonment. His driven determination to save the paraspecies was the sword that won the war.

His unexpected slaughter years later, along with his entire squadron except for Kadal, during a battle at Rum River left the paraspecies reeling. The Rum River battle occurred years before book 1 begins.
Trent – Half golden dragon, half red dragon, he assumed the throne after Bredon’s death and has been instrumental in maintaining order amidst the chaos.

 The Wolves

Brody – leader of the lone wolves who patrol the perimeter of Salvation
Dacian - powerful tracker and future Alpha of the Dega pack

Jarvis – Alpha Commander of the wolves. A staunch supporter of Redemption and the backbone for his kind within the political cogs of Command Central. His mate’s recent unknown illness and impending death gave the Paraspecies Council the excuse they needed to remove him from the throne of command for his kind.
Bessa – mate to Jarvis and the heart of the wolves. Her impending death strikes the soul of every pack within the Paraspecies.

The Fledglings

In addition to being the headquarters for the Paraspecies, Command Central serves as the primary training facility for the fledglings, or young warriors being trained. Many are young and barely coming into their powers. As such, they are fiercely protected by their mentors—who are often the first and second year warriors within Command Central’s ranks.

Caleb – Red dragon 

Fall - young wolf shifter found in Quadrant B in Redemption's Forgiveness
Kandon – orphaned gryphon Nephew of Kadal and Kelman.
Lorn – mage in training
Nessie – female white dragon in training

Ransom - Dega bloodlined wolf shifter
Remy – mage in training

Trip- young wolf shifter found in Quadrant B in Redemption's Forgiveness

Other Locations, Terms
Culling - ancient tradition where shifters vie for warrior positions within packs or dens
Four Corners - lawless area where Hell's Highway, Hell's Playground, Outlands and Paraspecies lands intersect.

The Resistance
Although the NAH maintains governmental control of humanity, a few of the humans deemed “pure” chose not to align themselves with the NAH. They were allotted the lands of what was once Florida during the treaty after The Rending.

 The Succubae Stronghold
Although King Varden aligned himself with the NAH and began the Rending, he withdrew his assistance and his forces when he realized The Others would win. Although he and his personal squadron were presumed dead in the bloody battle that occurred at the end of The Rending, the lands to the north of Hell’s Highway were allotted to the remaining succubae survivors. As a thank you from the NAH leaders, the Impures forced into Hell’s Highway were commanded to remain there even after The Rending. Their presence within the corridor ensures the safety of the NAH since the Impures would be suitable and sufficient prey for the succubae, who required humans to feed from in order to survive.

King Varden – Maniacal overlord of the succubae who was the driving force behind The Rending. When the paraspecies chose to realign with Golden Dragon King Sashi as their leader, his jealousy drove him to kidnap Sashi’s mate and children and hold them captive for two years. During this time he aligned his kind with the NAH and oversaw the slaughter of all pure golden dragons and the confinement of all paraspecies.