In the beginning, all paraspecies coexisted alongside humanity without issue. Each faction operated by their own laws and followed their own leaders. But an encroaching human populace created many issues for the factions. In order the ensure the survival of their kind, they unified as one group known as the Paraspecies.

When they chose to align under the leadership of the golden dragon king, Sashi, the succubae took exception to the decision. King Varden allowed his personal hatred and scorn for the golden dragon leader to guide his actions.

Varden outted the paraspecies to the North American Humanitarians, who had already begun ostracizing genetically tainted people, or Impures, within the human populace. The NAH struck with brute force under the guidance of King Varden and bombed all known golden dragon dens.

Survivors were rounded up. Pure blooded golden dragons were slaughtered. Remaining survivors were placed in internment camps and forced to participate in grueling and torturous experiments meant to ultimately kill them.

Fortunately, one pure-blooded golden dragon escaped captivity and managed to round up a squadron to rescue the imprisoned Paraspecies.

A twenty year war ensued which threatened to obliterate both sides of the savage battle. When it was evident the Paraspecies would win, they struck a cease fire with the NAH in order to preserve what was left of all species. The lands were divided and a tentative peace was reached.

Or so everyone thought…  â€‹    

The Rending